Be Merry and LED Bright!

Christmas is near and neighborhoods are aglow with holiday lights and decorations! Have you updated your display? Personally, I’ve gravitated to LED Christmas lights both outside and in. LEDs, short for Light-emitting diodes, continue to gain ground as their cost drops and their ability to reproduce bright light with consistent standard color increases. This new technology makes... Continue Reading →


The Farmhouse Evolution

To many it may come as a surprise that the Farmhouse began not as a style of architecture but rather a combination of elements meant to serve a function. The progression of the Farmhouse “style” began on agricultural lands and in remote areas as an expression of the characteristics of the people and materials of... Continue Reading →

Teardown or Renovate?

Years ago while working on our own home renovation I heard my son ask Sue, "Why can’t we have a new home like Dad does for everyone else?" She smiled because there’s not a simple answer to give a then 6 year old.  But as my son grew older and moved into his first place,... Continue Reading →

What is your favorite season and favorite space?

A question my Dad would always ask. For me it’s those transitional days from summer to fall, you can even the smell the change in the season as fall announces its arrival. To be more specific, Sunday morning’s relaxing on my covered balcony drinking in the landscape. I enjoy the final days as I know... Continue Reading →

Even your favorite dishes are worth mentioning to your Architect!

Family heirlooms like your Grandmothers china cabinet or a boot box crafted by your Grandfather are important items to mention to your Architect during the design phase. Space can be devoted for antique furniture, feature walls created to display artwork or family pictures. You may need specialty outlets or lighting and possibly even water. Even... Continue Reading →

Metal Roof-A Design Trend or Fad?

As far as design trends go is metal roofing one that will last and create an everlasting look?  I am asked this quite often, and well the short answer is, “Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, still has most of its metal roof”.  In fact, it was a test bed for the University of Virginia buildings he... Continue Reading →

Is your Red the same as mine?

Your Red... is it the same as mine? Alright, I have to come clean, I’m not a fan of red.  It's not that I dislike it.  It's just to unpredictable.  How many different shades are there, any ways?  Possibly, like a billion? Is it a brownish red, pinkish red? Coquelicot?  Whatever that is!  Could be... Continue Reading →

We Love #9-Relax in Red!

We love #9 -"Relax in Red".  In fact, we love to understand you and "what color is your red?" At Michael Buss Architects our specialty is in residential design, coupled with a curiosity to solve any challenge. We take the time to know our clients and understand their lifestyles. We ask the questions no one else asks.... Continue Reading →

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